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Challenge 2012 results - Preliminary

The 16th A Coventry Way Challenge

7th April 2013

Preliminary results as as Excel document now available:

NB - The preliminary results were first published with a number of queries which have now been corrected.  Latest versions dated 9-Apr-2013 @ 20:05  (Retirees sheet) or 9-Apr-2013 20:05 (Individuals sheet) - only known queries at this date/time two missing City/Town data.

Download ACW-Challenge-2013-Preliminary-Results.xls and choose the appropriate Worksheet by selecting Tab:

  • Individuals : listing Individuals who completed the 40-mile route
  • Retirees : Individuals who completed part of 40-mile route
  • Relays : Relay Teams

Each worksheet contains data as currently available, with the notes column often flagging up queries which we are trying to resolve.  The data can be sorted in a different order to help you find individuals, or those who started at a given time, etc. 

Any corrections? Please e-mail me

Current targets: 

  1. Initial "good "draft in "usual" form:  Friday 12th April
  2. Initial Photos Album: 17th April
  3. 40-mile Club tables updated: 22nd April
  4. These will then evolve as any remaining queries get resolved!

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