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Walk 1 – Four Greens

Start: Junction of Hockley Lane & Eastern Green Lane
Grid Ref: SP 274,803
Distance: 7 miles (or 5.5 miles)

Walk 2 – Two Greens, a Common and a Well

Start: Berkswell Station
Grid Ref: SP 244,776
Distance: 5.5 miles (or 4.5 miles)

Walk 3 – Around Burton Green

Start: The Peeping Tom, Cromwell Lane
Grid Ref: SP 272,766
Distance: 7 miles (or 4.5 miles)

Walk 4 – The Castle, Common & Manors Beyond

Start: Kenilworth Castle car park
Grid Ref: SP 280,720
Distance: 9 miles (or 8 miles)

Walk 5 – Town & Country

Start: Coventry War Memorial Park
Grid Ref: SP 321,773
Distance: 12 miles (or 7 miles)

Walk 6 – After Tea

Start: Vicarage Road, Stoneleigh
Grid Ref: SP 328,726
Distance: 3.5 miles

Walk 7 – As Far As Cubbington

Start: Old School, Bubbenhall
Grid Ref: SP 363,722
Distance: 10 miles (or 8.5 miles)

Walk 8 – Five Villages

Start: Lay-by adjacent to old school on A445
Grid Ref: SP 363,722
Distance: 10 miles (or 8.5 miles)

Walk 9 – Dunsmore Heath

Start: War Memorial, Main Street, meriden
Grid Ref: SP 412,756
Distance: 9 miles (or 5.5 miles)

Walk 10 – Limestone Trail

Start: Priory Road, Wolston
Grid Ref: SP 416,758
Distance: 8.5 miles (or 5.5 miles)

Walk 11 – The Abbey

Start: Coombe Abbey Visitor Centre
Grid Ref: SP 403,795
Distance: 9 miles (or 6.5 miles)

Walk 12 – Eight Bridges

Start: Barr Lane, off Broad Street, Brinklow
Grid Ref: SP 434,796
Distance: 8.5 miles (or 7 miles)

Walk 13 – Withybrook Wander

Start: Junction of Overstone Road & Featherbed Lane
Grid Ref: SP 435,846
Distance: 7.5 miles (or 6 miles)

Walk 14 – Through Bulkington

Start: Rose & Castle, Ansty
Grid Ref: SP 399,834
Distance: 8 miles (or 5.5 miles)

Walk 15 – The Canal Trail

Start: Hawkesbury Junction North, Coventry
Grid Ref: SP 362,845
Distance: 8 miles (or 6 miles)

Walk 16 – Breach Brook Route

Start: Junction of Tamworth Road & Square Lane, Corley Ash
Grid Ref: SP 294,861
Distance: 7.5 miles (or 6 miles)

Walk 17 – Two Castles & A Manor

Start: Junction of Coventry Road & Church Lane, Fillongley
Grid Ref: SP 281,871
Distance: 5.5 miles (or 4 miles)

Walk 18 – Three Corleys

Start: Corley Moor
Grid Ref: SP 279,850
Distance: 7.5 miles (or 6.5 miles)

Walk 19 – Ancient Arden

Start: Junction of Watery Lane & Green Lane, Corley Moor
Grid Ref: SP 279,850
Distance: 8 miles (or 6 miles)

Walk 20 – Around The Dome

Start: Old Road, Meriden
Grid Ref: SP 252,820
Distance: 7.5 miles (or 5.5 miles)

Walk 21 – The Broad Ridge

Start: Queens Head, Old Road, Meriden
Grid Ref: SP 252,820
Distance: 4 miles (or 2.5 miles)


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