A Coventry Way

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“A Coventry Way” is an officially recognised long distance countryside route, circumnavigating the city of Coventry.

Put together in the early seventies from existing public rights of way, many of which at the time were not used and had fallen into disrepair and were completely overgrown, and in some places impassable, it is 40 miles long, it is 40 miles long and features on modern Ordnance Survey maps.

Never more than 5 miles or so from the centre of Coventry the majority of the route is off-road, and passes through mainly agricultural land in Warwickshire and Solihull.

When tackling the walk it’s best to take it leisurely and use the opportunity to to see what there is on offer in the local landscape, architecture and wildlife. Those wishing to take a more sporting approach are requested to respect the route, particularly those parts that are in close contact with residential properties.

Our Green Book contains 18 detailed maps and route directions  that cover the the whole of the route, starting and finishing in Meriden. A copy is provided to everyone who enters the Annual Challenge event. It can also be downloaded in a pdf version by following the link below.

Download as pdf

The A Coventry Way 40-Mile Circular Route is also available as a .gpx file to store in your GPS device.

Download as gpx file