Last updated December 31, 2019

BOB’S 7-NOV-2007 “60-MILES AT 60” WALK

On the 7th November 2007 I became sixty years of age and set out to walk sixty miles in the twenty four hours of birthday.

The route chosen was one and half times clockwise, (that’s the opposite way round), around the Coventry Way starting at Bretford and finishing at Meriden.

Most of the training took place on the route as even though I felt I knew the route I would be doing it in reverse and about half of the walk would be at night and I am not the best navigator.  I was lucky to have pacers for the whole walk and good back up transport.

Bretford to Meriden

At twelve mid-night Sheila and I were dropped off at Bretford and set off towards Wolston on a very mild and light night.  The only problem we had with the route from Wolston to the A45 was where we struggled to find the path past the Sewerage Works as the fields had been ploughed. We arrived at Meriden at 7am for the first twenty miles and a change of pacer.

Meriden to Kenilworth

At Bedworth we picked up an extra pacer and the three of us arrived at Bretford for forty miles at 2.05pm. We continued around the Coventry Way I had completed in the dark fourteen hours earlier and this time had no problems finding my way past the Sewerage Works. By now I was now getting tired and struggling to eat solid food.  At Ryton one of my pacers retired to the Blacksmiths Arms (after walking twenty-three miles instead of nine which he had planned to do).  I was able to eat a bowl of porridge which I had rushed out to me and now fortified I continued with one pacer through Bubbenhall to Stareton for around 5pm (lots of traffic on this short Road Section) to Stoneleigh.  We crossed over the A46 (more traffic) and across the Golf Course to Kenilworth for 7pm and fifty-two miles.

Kenilworth to Meriden (last bit)

More porridge at Kenilworth and one pacer finishing and joined by three pacers.  For the last section I followed behind the three along the Greenway and across the back of Masseys and towards Meriden where we had to step the pace up to finish at 10pm and twenty-two hours.


I was really surprised I completed the walk without any real problems and enjoyed the course and particularly the night section.  The pacers and back up were friends who helped me along the Way and made me realise how much support you take for granted in an organised walk.

Good Cause

A total of £750 was raised for the Warwickshire and Northampton Air Ambulance Services.