Constitution of “A Coventry Way Association”
  1. The name of the organisation shall be “A Coventry Way Association” hereafter called ACWA.
  2. Aims of ACWA are: –
    • To promote A Coventry Way (ACW) for the benefit of the community as a Long Distance Path.
    • To support local authorities in maintaining ACW with working parties drawn from the membership.
    • To organise annually a walk that encourages all grades of recreational walkers (including charity walkers) to get into the countryside around Coventry. The event to include a challenge section that would appeal to athletes as well as competitive walkers.
    • Encourage the use of public transport to get into the countryside near to Coventry.
    • To make available a reasonably priced and up to date copy of ACW Guide Booklet.
    • To produce and make available copies of circular walks linked to ACW.
    • To introduce people to long distance walking and acquaint them with the three other Long Distance Walks close to Coventry. (Centenary Way, Heart of England Way and The Coventry – Oxford Canal Trail).
    • Encourage all users to abide by The Country Code.
    • To raise sufficient funds/support/sponsorship to achieve the aims noted above.
    • Wherever possible on the Way, encourage and support the local authorities in making access suitable for wheelchairs and disabled horse riders.
  3. Members shall be admitted to membership after payment of an initial subscription. Anyone falling more than three months into arrears with their annual subscription will be deemed to be no longer a member of the ACWA.
  4. The amount of the subscription shall be determined by resolution at the Annual General Meeting of ACWA.
  5. The subscription for the following calendar year shall be set at the AGM.
  6. Members can be made an Honorary Member at the Annual General Meeting, or at a Special General Meeting of ACWA, or at a Committee Meeting.
  7. Only those fully paid up members, or honorary members, shall be allowed to vote at any meeting of ACWA. A Family membership shall be entitled to one vote.
  8. The Committee shall be elected at the Annual General Meeting of ACWA, for a period of one term. They will be eligible for re-election at the end of the term at the next AGM of the ACWA.
  9. The officers to be elected at each AGM shall be Chairman, Secretary and Treasurer.
  10. The Committee shall consist of Chairman, Secretary, plus a maximum of four fully paid up members. The Treasurer may be on the committee if elected.
  11. The Annual General Meeting will be held every year in the months of November or December. The meeting shall be held, not only for the election of Officers, but also for the purpose of informing all members of the progress and forward planning of ACWA. The Audited Accounts will be presented for inspection. Auditors can be appointed at any General or Special meeting, but will normally be appointed at the AGM
  12. Any paid up member can call a Special General Meeting, provided that the reason is put
    in writing to the Secretary, at least two weeks before the meeting is to take place.
  13. All members shall be notified three weeks before an AGM can take place.
  14. Eight members are required to be present, including two officers of ACWA, at any Special General or Annual General Meeting, before any such Meeting can take place.
  15. Committee meetings will take place usually bi-monthly, with a minimum of four meetings to be held in any one year.
  16. The powers of the Committee with regard to the borrowing of money, or acquiring property, can only be authorised by a vote of members at an Annual or Special Meeting.
  17. ACWA constitution can only be amended at an Annual General Meeting, providing two thirds of those present vote for change. Any member seeking to alter the constitution must provide the Secretary with the complete written details of the intended amendment four weeks prior to the AGM taking place. All members will be notified of any intended alterations to the constitution three weeks prior to the AGM taking place.
  18. Members can be co-opted onto committees or sub committees, to fill any vacancies or otherwise, at any Committee or Special meeting of ACWA and have the full powers of a committee member until such times as the next AGM.
  19. In the event of ACWA winding up, the allocation of all assets belonging to ACWA after all liabilities have been settled, shall be decided at the wind up meeting, where a majority vote will suffice from two thirds of the members voting.

December 2005