Footpath Updates

A small team of overseers checks on the condition of footpaths, and any major difficulties encountered are noted here.¬†Some paths are difficult to follow form time to time because of crops. We continue to clear overgrown paths and to re-establish paths across fields.¬† See “Update Notes on All Walks” for notes which apply to all walks.

The table below summarises known difficulties and suggests alternative paths. Follow the links for details.
Later editions of the 21 Circular Walks book may already include these updates.

21 Circular Walks Footpaths

Walk Summary
1 Four Greens Path diverted details
Walk 1 pdf
2 Two Greens, A Common & A Well Sep 2017 – new k/g link to Walk 2 pdf
Walk 2 pdf
2S, 2T & 2U Three extra short walks between 1.3 miles & 2.1 miles, all starting
from Berkswell
Stile-free short walks from Berkswell details
3 Around Burton Green 2016 New path soon after start, pub name at start changed
+ Dec-2016 updates near start of Des. 7
+ Feb-2017 Diversion
+ Sep-2017 2 new k/g
Walk 3.pdf
4 The Castle, Common & Manors Beyond
Walk 4.pdf
5 Town & Country New path to join Greenway, new optional route thro’ Kenilworth Common plus New route University Playing Fields to Cryfield Grange Road details & map
Walk 5.pdf
5 Town & Country New Permissive Path details See above for PDF
6 After Tea
Walk 6.pdf
7 As Far As Cubbington Main walk = 9 miles;
Route A = 3.5 miles
Shown correctly on map & page 6 table, but wrong on page 38
Walk 7.pdf
8 Five Villages 2014 -Route 8A has been changed to finish off going through
Ryton Pools

Walk 8.pdf
8 Five Villages 2007 path R148 “diverted”
2005 – New Roundabout on A45 at Ryton opened
details See above for PDF
9 Dunsmore Heath 2007 – path R148 “diverted”
2005 – New Roundabout on A45 at Ryton opened
details Walk 9.pdf
9 Dunsmore Heath Route diverted just north of sewage works details See above for PDF
9 Dunsmore Heath 2017 – Major Diversion N. of sewage works
2014 – “Gravel Works for next 10 years – watch out
for diversions”
Gravel Works details See above for PDF
10 Limestone Trail 2016 – Diversion. The footbridge over the Avon should now be OL. Walk 10.pdf
11 The Abbey 2015 – “Safer, Straighter, Shorter” path on Direction 2
2015 – SSS dropped
details Walk 11.pdf
12 Eight Bridges 2017 – Route changed Walk 12.pdf
13 Withybrook Wander Detailed updates
Ansty Golf Course Route A
details Walk 13.pdf
14 Through Bulkington 2014 – Fully Updated Directions & Map
2017 – Changes of paths in Western Lawn area
New routes Walk 14.pdf
See above link for improved Walk 14 route Nov-2014
14 Through Bulkington Ansty Golf Course after 7 Golf Course See above for PDF
14 Through Bulkington Path realigned after Direction 4 Follow map… over Hollyhurst Farm area … … then via Bulkington to Barnacle Lane Pond park to join Def Path
See above for PDF
15 The Canal Trail Path realigned before Direction 3 Follow waymarks
… on approach to then over Hollyhurst Farm area
Walk 15.pdf
15 The Canal Trail Diversion thro’ Ansty details + map See above for PDF
15 The Canal Trail 2014 – Improved start to Walk 15A See above for PDF
16 Breach Brook Route Walk 16.pdf
17 Two Castles & A Manor Walk 17.pdf
18 Three Corleys 2014 – Improved start and finish routes for Walk 18 & 18A
avoiding use of the busy and verge-less stretch of Wall Hill Rd.
2017 – Map & words aligned as on 40-Mile walk
Walk 18.pdf
See above for new route
19 Ancient Arden Walk 19.pdf
20 Around the Dome New Permissive Path details Walk 20.pdf
21 The Broad Ridge Walk 21.pdf
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