Last updated April 8, 2021

The new Greenway from Burton Green to the Berkswell end is now complete. All other temporary diversions are now closed. The new Greenway is beautiful and has a lovely surface; perfect for cycling, running and walking (also for wheelchairs and pushchairs). It is completely fenced in, so it remains to be seen how the wildlife will cope. The road crossings at Waste Lane, Hob Lane and Red Lane must be seen to be believed.

The route is winding and undulating; apparently following the field boundaries in order to minimise disruption to farmers’ fields. There are benches, so one can sit and contemplate the vagaries of HS2, and there are blue signs: National Cycle Network 523. It is amusing to note the plethora of cycleway signs at the Berkswell end, where there are footpaths with kissing gates, as it is illegal to ride a bike along a footpath. Apparently, there are plans to extend the cycleway to Berkswell Station.

Walkers are advised to acquaint themselves with the new route before setting out to negotiate this section of A Coventry Way.

There is more information about this on the HS2 in Warwickshire website.

New Route Description

If you are planning to walk the Greenway you may find the updated description and GPX file helpful.

From Truggist Lane, Carol Green:

AH along RHS of Hodgetts Lane (CARE) for 350m. X RLY bridge. Immed TR on tarmac drive, green fence & RLY on R. AH, passing Beechwood Farm Cottage on L. At end of conifer hedge on L, immed TL thru SMG. BR X grass, thru 2nd SMG. AH X field to far L corner. Thru MKG. TL on gravel TK. BL with TK. AH thru builders’ yard & thru MKG into enc path. AH, barbed wire fence on L (CARE), hedge on R. Thru MKG, pylon on L, X wooden FB. BL & BR into field. AH, fence/trees on R. AH X plank FB (WMP). BslightlyR X narrow field. AH up steps, X old Greenway, down steps. AH to join new Greenway.

TL on new Greenway between fences (cycle route NCN 523). AH to X Waste Lane using ped/cycle/horse Xing!! AH following new Greenway, ignoring all side KGs for approx. 1.7km. AH X Hob Lane using Xing, hedge on L, wooden garden fence on R. TL X Red Lane using Xing. AH still on new Greenway, turning R & L, to join old Greenway by park homes on R. TR on old Greenway rejoining ACW route towards Kenilworth.

[Abbreviations: AH = ahead, R = right, L = left, TR = turn right, TL = turn left, RHS = right-hand side, X = cross, RLY = railway, Immed = immediately, thru = through, SMG = small metal gate, MKG = metal kissing gate, WMP = waymark post, TK = track, FB = footbridge, NCN = National Cycle Network, ped = pedestrian, KGs = kissing gates, ACW = A Coventry Way.]

You can download this description as a pdf file.

GPX link

GPX link for the whole ACW route for 2021, incorporating the new Greenway as above.

Note that this route is just over 1km longer than the 2020 one with about 5m extra ascent as well. It is now 41 miles, instead of just over 40 miles.