Work Parties

Work parties are generally arranged on a monthly basis from January to November, with occasional extra days to deal with a particular need. Work parties have been arranged with all the local authorities responsible for maintaining the 40-mile A Coventry Way route and the 21 Circular Walks.

The work involves maintenance and installation of kissing gates, footbridges and way-mark posts.

Visit the Footpath Maintenance page to see examples of this work.

During the growth period of summer we clear the footpaths that get overgrown.  We have a small tool kit and two strimmers supplied by Warwickshire County Council, who have also arranged our insurance with BTCV.

This activity is very important during the few weeks leading up to the Challenge date. Volunteers agree that it is very satisfying putting something back into a leisure activity that they have enjoyed for many years.

We try to enjoy ourselves whilst carrying out this work, bearing in mind that there is time to look more carefully at the countryside and meet some of our rural friends.


Volunteer “Overseers” are allocated to each walk, and regularly check their routes for difficulties or the the need for improvements.  They carry a few hand tools, and will fix any minor issues as they find them.  Bigger issues are reported and appropriate action is planned.
Interested in volunteering?
We are always on the lookout for volunteers to get involved with our activities, especially to support the roles listed on our Association Committee page.

If you are interested in joining in these activities, please get in touch via our Contact page.