Last updated May 27, 2020

Work Party News

21 May 2006

We progressed the project to replace all stiles on the “After Tea” walk from Stoneleigh. The walk is now stile free.

At the start of 2006 the walk included a possible 12 stiles when all the field gates are locked shut (a minimum of 9 at any time). After these six work parties there are eleven fewer stiles. The twelfth stile, “stile 4” will not be replaced at present, but will be addressed when the field gate is replaced. A likely solution is to fit a new field gate, which incorporates a pedestrian gate.

Gate 7 the last gate to be completed, with a seat installed at the same time in memory of the stiles

We have installed kissing gates to replace “stile 7” and “stile 8”. Thanks to the suggestion from KFPG, we also installed a seat, made from the step of one of the stiles.

Unfortunately (new or upgraded) self closing springs still need retro-fitting to many gates. New supplies to allow this are due any day now, and we still hope all can be installed, together with a few minor finishing touches before the end of May, or certainly before the next full Work Party day.

Gate 6 as seen from the approach along the verge of Leamington Road, Stoneleigh