Last updated May 27, 2020

Work Party News

16 May 2007

We installed two new kissing gates, at the point the path crosses Wood End Lane on walk 17A..

The two kissing gates as seen from the previous kissing gate. The kissing gate on the right is this side of Wood Lane, and the kissing gate on the left is on the far side

Each kissing gate includes a yellow topped waymark post, which should help locate them easier when approaching from the previous boundary crossing in either direction – the stiles were often hidden in the hedge, and with no trodden path visible on the ground location (especially from the north) was not easy. Unfortunately from the north, it is possible to see both kissing gate and both waymark posts, though careful observation &/or reading of the map should identify the one on the right as the direction to head first, which in turn will lead to a better trodden path. [Note to Overseers and users – check visibility often, and if needed use your secateurs].

The kissing gate on the North side of Wood Lane
The kissing gate on the South side of Wood Lane, with the next stile to the south in view across the field (target for being a kissing gate in June)