Last updated May 27, 2020

Work Party News

30 May 2007

A joint KFPG/ACWA Work Party installed two gates, one at each end of the footbridge on KFPG walk O/ACW walk 4 (GR 263 744).

The ‘Team’ by the gate on the North end of footbridge – photo: Richard Barnard
The “stile” on the South end of footbridge just before work started

This task was arranged by KFPG as a “training day” with Richard Barnard.

The bridge had been installed by KFPG some years ago, who more recently have replaced most of the stiles on this path with kissing gates. Before this work party, the bridge had wooden bars at each end, forming ‘stiles’ which were harder to climb than many of the stiles replaced. The walk is now becoming friendly to all users – including (we trust) large dogs.

[Update: they passed – see below]
The gate on the South end of footbridge, nearly finished
The gate on the North end of footbridge, finished and labelled
Jake testing the new gates. Miranda tells me that they passed the ‘very large dog test’ with flying colours