Last updated May 27, 2020

Work Party News

21 November 2007


We installed a new kissing gate to replace a stile at the far side of the field to the west of the entrance to Barnacle Hall (GR 387 845) and a new Waymark Post in the field between this kissing gate and Barnacle Village (GR 387 846). This waymark post marks the point where Circular Walk 15A leaves ACW, and has been a missing landmark on Walk 15A for a long time.

Admiring the new kissing gate
Walking back to Barnacle along the wide grassy field boundary, past the new waymark post

On the same day we installed a new kissing gate and a new pedestrian gate at the western end of Spring Road, Barnacle GR 386 849).

All above are on ACW 40-mile route, and on Circular Walks 14 and 15.

This was a good days work, covering the tasks originally planned for October and November. We worked entirely in the dry, on a mostly cloudy day but at warmer temperatures than we might expect in November, and finished by 3:30pm. Another satisfying day.

New kissing gate and pedestrian gate at end of Spring Road