Last updated May 23, 2020

Work Party News

16 April 2008

We replaced 2 stiles by kissing gates. The first one was at southern end of Meriden Shafts. The second one was across the bridle way to the north of Meriden Shafts, and also involved building steps up from the bridle path alongside the ancient sandstone steps.

Setting off from the “horses field” for the long trek north
The new kissing gate and steps, across the bridle way to the north of Meriden Shafts

The day was fine, but the previous day it had poured all afternoon leading to very wet conditions. The nearest even the SMBC Ranger was willing to drive was just into the top of the “horses field”. From there we had to carry gate kits and tools through the mud up to the sites. One new feature that helped was our newly constructed “Tool Trolley” – a converted golf trolley, inspired by a similar one recently made by KFPG.

Final challenge – getting the new trolley through the new kissing gate at southern end of Meriden Shafts

On 30 April an extra small work party replaced the stile at the exit from Meriden Shafts onto the bridle way with a third new kissing gate. The forecast was for rain, but fortunately the task was completed before the heavy rain arrived, and hot drinks were served and enjoyed while admiring a good mornings work.

The third new kissing gate at northern end of Meriden Shafts