Last updated May 23, 2020

Work Party News

20 August 2008

We installed a wooden “Bristol gate” at North end of Stare Bridge, Leamington Rd., Stoneleigh (GR 329 715).

New wooden “Bristol gate” at North end of Stare Bridge nearing completion

This completed the conversion of Circular Walk 6 to a stile free route. You can still see the old gate and the old stile on the right of photo above.

The Bristol gate is actually a combination of a made to measure wooden field gate and a matching wooden pedestrian gate to form a double gate spanning the whole width of the road. At the request of NAC, the two gates are separated by a “plug-in” post, which will be lifted out when they need to use the road for access.

We did not have the “socket” for the middle post, nor suitable heavy duty/large gate catches, so the arrangement as seen above is temporary, and we have left it with the field gate tied open.

The oak posts were made by NAC from fallen trees on the estate. You can see another fallen tree to left of picture at the top of this page, so more real oak posts may appear soon.