Last updated May 16, 2020

Work Party News

18 March 2009

We installed two new kissing gates on Circular Walk 13 near Jasmine Cottage, Shilton.

First new kissing gate next to Jasmine Cottage, with the second kissing gate visible across the field

We installed two new kissing gates beside field gates where Circular Walk 13 leaves Bulkington Road, Shilton (GR 404 846 – near Jasmine Cottage).

The first kissing gate had to fit in the narrow space between the field gate and the fence by the garage. This was achieved by using the fence as half of the cage, the other half being a single curved section bolted to a new half round fence post. An excellent configuration, fitting this situation perfectly and easy to walk through. We learned something new again, which I’m sure we’ll use at another site before long.

Excess supplies of fencing posts being carried away from the second kissing gate

The second kissing gate was fitted to the right of a new field gate (which has replaced a hard to open or climb earlier gate in the ditch). The end result is that we can walk this route without the challenges of opening two tricky field gates, and the farmer can lock the gates and increase the security of his stock.

No setbacks on this day, and weather perfect, soft digging – it was another satisfying day, and with a team of 8 available we were finished by 12:30pm.