Last updated May 16, 2020

Work Party News

17 June 2009

We installed the final two new gates and a new sleeper bridge on Circular Walk 7, north of Weston Lane, Bubbenhall.

The kissing gate being installed – and the new high visibility vests

The first new gate is a kissing gate located at GR 366 709, and the second new gate is a gate on the other side of the stream. These two gates replace the rickety stiles we have struggled with over recent years, and which have nearly caused a number of users to slip into the stream.

The kissing gate & sleeper bridge completed and the pedestrian gate being installed

A new 3 sleeper bridge between the two gates replaces a similar but ageing bridge.

These tasks complete all the priority tasks on this stretch of Walk 7.

Another highlight of this work party was the introduction of our new high visibility vests – they are marked “A Coventry Way” on the back. From now on users will notice who is doing the good work, and of course we will all be safer when working by a road.