Last updated May 16, 2020

Work Party News

15 July 2009

We installed a new kissing gate just north of ACW route, and a second new kissing gate on the ACW, both just East of Tantara Lodge.

The first new kissing gate, with work nearing completion of the repaired fence

The first new is kissing gate is located at GR 346 722. This replaces a little used stile in poor condition amid lots of vegetation and a broken fence. A significant improvement, even if the path is not on ACW.

The 2nd kissing gate in the hedge beyond the seat, waymark post & sleeper bridge

The second new kissing gate located at GR 348 720 replaced two stiles, with the waymark post replacing the stile West of the sleeper bridge, and the kissing gate replacing the stile to the East. The step from one of the stiles was reinstalled as a seat. We also strimmed most of one side of the path between the two kissing gate sites. The rest will be completed on our next visit

In summary another satisfying day, with priority tasks completed, warm and sunny weather (in spite of forecast of rain).