Last updated May 16, 2020

Work Party News

4 November 2009

We installed a new kissing gate, on ACW, the section south of Church Lane, Meriden.

The completed new kissing gate

The new kissing gate replaces what was the first stile on ACW route, about 620 metres south from where ACW leaves Church Lane, Meriden (GR 252 810).

Gardening, and packing up (including spare timber)

The Coventry Way Association team had another successful day. Slight problems at first with positioning the gate but after lots of discussions it was decided to relocate the gate approximately 1.5 metres to the right so when you came through the gate you didn’t fall in to the ditch. It also avoided removing the solidly concreted in metal gate post – and the need to create a step. The Solihull MBC team arrived just after the plan was finalised, and agreed that the layout was fine.

The Bristol gate

One member of the ACW team walked ACW south to Coventry Road (continuation of Broad Lane), checking and where needed correcting all the waymarks.

On the same morning, a team of contractors to Solihull MBC installed a new “Bristol” gate to replace a stile and filed gate two fields (c.200 metres) beyond the new kissing gate, and the farmer removed the last redundant stile. These actions now make the complete path from Church Lane to Back Lane stile-free.