Last updated May 16, 2020

Work Party News

18 November 2009

We installed two new kissing gates and two new waymark posts, on Circular Walk 10, the section approaching Brinklow from Kings Newnham.

The proud team just completed the 4th new kissing gate on this project, looking NW

This was the second stage of making Path 83 (Brinklow to Kings Newnham) stile-free, following on from the work party on 21 October. The 4th new kissing gate on this project replaces the stile on the left of double field gates (GR 443 797).

5th new kissing gate on this project, looking NW (4th kissing gate at end of path across field)

The 5th new kissing gate on this project replaces the stile “Over s/b, keep wood on right for 50m, then T/L thro’ h/g & over s/b …” (GR 344 796). Both kissing gate were installed re-using the stile posts without moving them, and therefore having negligible work to do on the fences. Both kissing gate had the waymark post fitted to the existing posts in order to make them as visible as possible when crossing the fields towards them.

The first new waymark post at the “T/L” point
The new waymark posts just after
cross-field to far left corner of wood ahead

The first new waymark post installed adds a waymark post at a point where many walkers have missed the turn (GR 344 796) – maybe we will leave Bob there all the time pointing out the way to go. The second new waymark post (GR 345 795) replaced a previous post of great height, designed in theory to be visible from the beginning of the path 330yds across the field and slight hill. The new one can definitely not be seen until half way across due to it’s lower height, but the old one needed a telescope and a pretty good idea of where to look.

A good day, which started wet while driving there, but was then dry and warm (ca.12°C) till we got to The Raven for lunch at about 1.00pm. Yes, we really had finished work by 12.30pm, helped by a strong team (9 workers) and 4×4 access from Cathion Lane to deliver the materials right to the sites by ca.9.30.