Last updated May 8, 2020

Work Party News

17 February 2010

We installed two new gates on Path M204 from near Carol Green.

The new wooden kissing gate

We installed a wooden kissing gate and a metal kissing gate on Path M204 from Benton Green Lane to junction of ACW and Walk3 (Note – M204 is NOT on walk 3, but on the path going north from the junction to Benton Green Lane).

The wooden kissing gate replaced a stile by the lane. The kit came with no holes drilled, but fortunately we had our new Makita drill with two rechargeable 18v 3Ah li-ion batteries, which (after going to buy a new 3/4″ bit) made light work of the challenge.

The new metal kissing gate

The metal kissing gate replaced a stile just north of the junction with ACW. As well as installing the gate, we built fences both sides. Two other stiles on this path were replaced by metal kissing gates by SMBC during 2009, and the two done at this work party now makes this path stile-free.

The day was cloudy and cold, with drizzle, sleet and snow showers. The ground was very sticky mud, and we had a few delays from difficulties getting layouts which fitted the situation to running out of 6″ nails – but the new drill performed well, drilling all the holes needed for the wooden gate and for the fence on left of the metal gate, with the first battery still having power to spare and the second battery not needed. We finished work at ca 2:15 and with feeling wet and muddy only 4 of us went for lunch at the Bear.