Last updated May 8, 2020

Work Party News

21 April 2010

We installed a new kissing gate and a new sleeper bridge on the ACW path between Eaves Green & Meriden Shafts.

View from the north of finished installation

We installed a metal kissing gate to replace a stile and a new sleeper bridge to replace a muddy ditch with rough stepping stones on the ACW path between Eaves Green & Meriden Shafts (GR 263 828).

View from the south with the team of 5 working on the kissing gate

The site passes through two thick hedges either side of a wide but shallow ditch. This allowed us to site the kissing gate a metre south of the stile it replaced still leaving a generous space between the edge of the field and the hoops of the kissing gate. This in turn allowed us to have one team working on the kissing gate and one on the s/b without getting in each others way. It also allowed us to fit the s/b and grade the path to form a gentle slope from the kissing gate through to the path on the north side of the hedge.

We also fitted a new waymark post by the north side of the hedge, a seat made from the stile step by the edge of the horse field and surfaced the path with sand and gravel. Altogether this is a great improvement.

A good attendance of 8, plus fine weather meant both tasks were finished by 13:10, and we again went to The Queen’s Head for lunch.