Last updated May 8, 2020

Work Party News

19 May 2010

We installed two new pedestrian gates, one new sleeper bridge and 4 new waymark posts on or near ACW in Brinklow.

The path crossing the old canal – pedestrian gate 1 at far end

There were just six of us out this time and yet we managed to put in four waymark posts, two pedestrian gates and a sleeper bridge, all in time for a 1:30 finish and a meal down at the Raven. A very satisfying morning’s work.

The first pedestrian gate of the day completed the path crossing the old canal (photo above showing the pedestrian gate installed in January 2010, with the new pedestrian gate on the far side of canal).

The second pedestrian gate, with the Jan 2010 pedestrian gate in background

The second pedestrian gate of the day completed the path from Butchers Close to ACW (photo above). Note in the two photos above an “emulation” of the fences and field gates the farmer is planning to add soon. The farmer is also planning to add stones to raise the level of the footpath crossing the old canal to create a good dry surface. The ditch crossing half way to the Motte & Bailey is going to be dug out, a drainage pipe put in, and then filled again with stone.

The sleeper bridge

The new sleeper bridge is on Path R42 as it heads for the kissing gate leading to the Ell Lane/Rugby Road junction.

Waymark post 2
Waymark posts 3 & 4

The 1st waymark post installed was by the 1st pedestrian gate. The 2nd waymark post was by the junction of CW 12 and ACW, just south of the entrance to the Bailey. The 3rd waymark post was by the kissing gate at the end of Barr Lane (where ACW leaves Brinklow heading West), and the 4th across the field (about half-way between the 3rd new waymark post and the tree to the left) on the photo above. It would seem that the day also involved walking a fair distance.