Last updated May 8, 2020

Work Party News

1 December 2010

We built a new bridge from Solihull to Warwickshire, crossing a stream south of Dorridge.

Solihull and Warwickshire vans delivering “the kit”


The bridge under construction

The bridge was a project sponsored jointly by Solihull MBC and Warwickshire CC, being a bridge which crossed a stream from Solihull to the east and Warwickshire to the west of the boundary a few miles south of Dorridge. The bridge allows a local path to be re-instated on the definitive route, instead of using an unofficial diversion which has been in use for many years.

Both authorities came and helped with the tasks. We built a “kit-bridge”, but on this occasion the kit was a set of timber planks cut to size, but leaving us to drill all bolt holes and make a 4 metre long (but narrow) four sleeper bridge. A handrail was fitted, and waymarks erected by the bridge and at each end of the stretch of path.

The finished bridge

A day with freezing temperatures and snow on the ground, but a lot of sunny spells and only a few short snow showers. However we all enjoyed the work in the bracing conditions.

With 7 volunteers and 3 from the LA, the complete task was finished by 12:30pm. As is now traditional, we then retired to a local pub (The Railway Inn) for an excellent lunch.