Last updated May 2, 2020

Work Party News

20 April 2011

We built a long bridge over a pond beside Truggist Lane, south of Carol Green. Not on any ACW paths, but the path links to CW2.

The finished bridge


The bridge built was on the path coming down the drive from Moat House Farm, which then crosses Truggist Lane to pass Truggist Hill Farm. The bridge crosses a wide ditch by a pond, and the ditch gets flooded in wet weather.

The longest plank bridge we have done so far – 3 planks long x 3 planks wide, 6 pairs of support posts, each with 1 or 2 linking horizontal plank supports, and a handrail. SMBC supplied the full kit partly drilled + bolts and screws, which with a bit of adaptive engineering produced an excellent bridge. For the first time since we had the new drill, we used both batteries – but some of this was drilling tree roots.

Precision engineering


We came away in the knowledge that we had achieved a good result.