Last updated April 14, 2020

Work Party News

21 November 2012

This month’s tasks were to replace two stiles in poor condition with new metal kissing gates on ACW Circular Walk 20 at point 6, near to Close Wood going south west from Kinwalsey Lane (GR 256844). Simple tasks, but made hard by torrential rain, and a late start.

11:33 : Just starting in earnest at Site 1


12:14 : NAAFI van arrived, drinks served


On site 1 it looked as though a large tree stump would be a hard task to move, but this turned out to be just a log. Once work got started in earnest the tasks progressed well to be completed in about 2 hours.

Digging a 2 foot deep hole filled with 2 foot deep water

On Site 2 the main difficulty was water pouring from the sky and down a shallow ditch (and seemed to be from all other directions as well). It was so bad that any hole dug filled up faster than it could be dug. If it needed widening a bit it was hard to do so in the required direction resulting in large lakes and even more mud. We also had to add some fencing.

By the time the gate, the hoops and the fence were all joined up and the soil (mud) tamped in, the complete assembly was “floating” in a lake of mud, and could be adjusted to correct orientation. BUT we are not sure if it will settle down correctly as it all dries out!

To help a bit we dug a shallow ditch taking the water past the east side of the gate and left most new water flowing that way. We will come back to adjust as needed when & IF it ever dries out! .. or maybe to dig a deeper ditch and build a sleeper bridge over it.

Gate 2 ‘complete’, with added new ditch (brown stream on right)


We finished by about 14:30 so although some of the team went straight home to dry out, half of us got to the Queens Head, a bit damp but in time for a slightly late but very welcoming lunch.