Last updated April 14, 2020

Work Party News

20 March 2013

We installed two kissing gates on Millennium Way about 350 yds SE after it crosses Kenilworth Road, Balsall Common. At this point the stiles which have been in use for many years were in poor condition and not actually in the correct place but c. 20 paces further south.

The two stiles before
The site of the two stiles afterwards


The task therefore involved “closing” the stile way through, and re-opening the correct route by cutting a way through a “little wood” and installing two new metal kissing gates, plus making sure the waymarking we left would be extra clearly visible for any walkers using the route they have always used rather than reading the official map. We used the cut sticks and trees to fill in the gap where the stiles had been.

The two new kissing gates through the little wood nearing completion


The Little Dragon?

The new route through the wood offered opportunities to not only make the walk easier, but to highlight a few interesting relics found in the wood. Look out for the short length of iron fencing we found, and re-used to make good the boundary.
Look closer and you will find the old field gate posts, and you will probably notice the skeleton of some animal – maybe a little Dragon, so maybe this will become “Little Dragon Wood”.

The weather was cold again, but dry. We finished by 1:00pm again and half of us got to “The Tipperary” in time for an early but very welcome lunch.