Last updated April 14, 2020

Work Party News

8 May 2013

We installed a wooden kissing gate, improved a bridge, made steps and dug a drainage system at Bradnock’s Marsh, Marsh House Farm Lane (the lane leading to the Lake at Barston & West Midlands Golf Club). This is not an ACWA walk.

View from the lane, with kissing gate on left, and a new drainage channel on the right

A simple sounding task as first stated, was made more complex due to the usual challenge of fitting a wooden kissing gate securely, and the need to deal with the drop from the road verge and the need to try and ensure the water from road and ditch and field will now flow so the gate and path are usually dry.

View from the field, showing improved bridge and new kissing gate


The weather forecast sounded dull and cooler but after a few drops of rain as we arrived, it evolved to a sunny day – but it was 2:30pm before we finished. By then the local pub at Barston had shut and only 3 of us got to the Bear at Berkswell for a late but very welcome lunch.