Last updated March 8, 2020

Work Party News

16 April 2014

We installed two kissing gates on Circular Walk 3, between Cromwell Lane and Duggins Lane.

First kissing gate near Cromwell Lane almost complete


The first kissing gate at Site 1 was near the end of the spur off Cromwell Lane where we could drive the “tool wagon”, “NAAFI truck”, etc. This helped efficient working, but unfortunately the site for the new kissing gate involved digging out lots of concrete and tree roots, and fitting the WMP by staples to the gate to avoid yet another hole through the roots. The end result however looks good.

Second kissing gate half way to Duggins Lane complete with stile


The second kissing gate was half way to Duggins Lane, involving walking and barrowing to shift tools and kissing gate kit. Digging post holes was easier than at site 1, but still involved lots of stones. We also had to remove or bury a protruding other former metal gate post concreted firmly in the middle of the path. But this took a lot less time than the Site 1 task, so we had time to also use the step from the old stile to build a seat and enjoy the view before returning to Site 1 and help them finish.

We then returned to our cars parked at Peeping Tom pub and enjoy a good lunch.