Last updated March 8, 2020

Work Party News

21 May 2014

We installed three kissing gates on Circular Walk 2, replacing three stiles, between the western end of Old Waste Lane and Barretts Lane.

First kissing gate near Old Waste Lane complete


The first kissing gate at Site 1 next to Old Waste Lane was easy to install, but involved a fairly steep slope going through the gate. To make it look good from both sides the gate was installed higher at the road end, but the gate was then made lamb-proof by adding a wooden extension at the bottom.

The second site was a routine replacement of the stile, and although started last was finished soon after site 1.

The third site we thought was going to be difficult because the stile had a tall ash tree within a metre, and the tree had large roots above the surface of the path on both sides of the stile, with the risk that the space between them may not be enough to fit in the kissing gate, especially if more roots were found only just below the surface. We therefore made sure we had a strong team at that site and with a full set of tools. We started by digging three holes, being prepared to move them if any found roots. With good luck, all three holes were easy to dig and then adjust so the gate and the third hole could be located with adequate clearance from the large roots, but also with the gate hinge end joining to the original stile post. Before filling in any of the three holes, we then removed the Hawthorn “Tree” and dug the fourth hole exactly in line for the other three holes. All holes then filled in and bolts tightened.

Eureka – kissing Gate 3 completed.

Site 3
Roots just beyond the stile step


Before – the stile
After – the kissing gate nearly completed


To finish off Site 3, we then erected the fence, leveled the path surface so that none of the roots are now above ground, and made a seat – all of which look good.

A dry and sunny day made working a pleasure. All tasks completed by 12:45, and all packed up by just about 1:00. We then again went to the Peeping Tom pub and enjoyed a good lunch.