Last updated March 8, 2020

Work Party News

16 July 2014


Three work parties spent a morning clearing footpaths, each work party covering the most overgrown stretches on ACW Circular Walks 03, 09 & 17.

Walk 03 kissing gate before
Walk 03 kissing gate after clearing

On Walk 03
A team of 3 cleared all sites. By far the most overgrown was at the start of route 3 off Cromwell Lane where the path was completely blocked by ferns and brambles up to about six feet high.

We installed 4 ACW signs between points 6 & 7 on the main route directing people between the side of the field and the new fence. Another group of volunteers had earlier cleared that stretch. Smaller tasks included clearing the way through kissing gates such as the one pictured above.

Walk 9 hidden WMP
Walk 9 very visible WMP

On Walk 09
A second team of 3 cleared many of the 8 sites identified, but some need more work. The footpath east of the Stretton on Dunsmore recreation ground (see pictures above) is more exposed and the WMP is visible. The farmer was due to harvest the field of rapeseed by the weekend so this was left (Note: the job was done so the path across the fields can be used. There are still loads of nettles around the side, so some substantial hacking will still be needed to create a path around and then along the side of the field.)

Slashing the thistles
One of the 2 new WMP

On Walk 17
A third team of 5 started on the paths through the Laurels and the next wood by trimming back overhanging hedge and tree branches.
This led to the biggest task – clearing the permissive path between the Red Hill Farm woods and the maize field (pictures above) and making it just about walkable, but hopefully ready for the gardener to take over “mowing” it back to its former glory. Two new WMP were installed to show clearly the way to go. The path through the maize was trampled down, so hopefully all users will now keep it clear and in the right place.

Overall Summary
All the kissing gates heading backwards up Walk 17A as far as just north of Sandy Lane were cleared, and the hedges cut back so the WMP are again visible. (Note: On the twin sites near Tipper’s Hill Farm, one was cleared before the work party day by a one man team, and the second will be dealt with soon).

Another dry and sunny day made working a pleasure. All tasks completed by ca.1:15pm. Some of us then yet again went to a local pub and enjoyed a good lunch.