Last updated March 8, 2020

Work Party News

20 August 2014

We replaced 3 stiles with 3 kissing gates on ACW route just south of Bubbenhall, near Broomhill Farm.

The 2 kissing gates by the track completed
The team completing the work at Site 1


We started replacing 10 stiles with kissing  gates on ACW route just south of Bubbenhall near Broomhill Farm and on Circular Walk 7A.
We had the best turnout this year, with 12 workers and others supporting. The 2 kissing gates by the track were easy to dig, but also involved installing a cable on each for the farmer to use when re-establishing the electric fences. Site 1 kissing gate proved a bit harder, but we had a super-sized team to get it completed. Nick came, but bringing his father to work, while Nick did some path clearance further along ACW in both directions.

Another dry and sunny day made working a pleasure. All tasks completed by ca.12:30pm. Some of us then yet again went to the Malt Shovel and enjoyed a good lunch.