Last updated March 5, 2020

Work Party News

11 March 2015

We further improved the path S of Birchley Hay Wood. An appropriate task to celebrate our 100th reported work party news.

View to West before
View to West after

We returned to the task started on and just before 13 August 2014 (see WP News 094) and we further improved the path S of Birchley Hay Wood.

The photos above looking West show the mud reported during the survey on 29 January, and the similar view on 11 March. A new load of stones were spread deeper, and a drainage channel lined with stones was created to allow overflow from the floods forming in the field to the south and divert them to the ditch north of the path.

In the longer term we hope the planned drainage channel and culvert will divert the full flood to the pond.

The photo on the right is the view looking East showing how we spread most of the remaining stone on the driest route, hopefully adequate to make a dry walk for Challenge Event 2015.

Some of the stones are left in two small heaps in case weak spots emerge soon. In the longer term more ditch digging and more stones may be needed.

A sunny wintry morning, with cloud increasing and rain forecast for 1:00 pm. Good planning saw all tasks completed by Noon. Most of us then yet again went to the Bull & Butcher and enjoyed a good lunch.