Last updated March 5, 2020

Work Party News

29 April 2015

The widened path going round the lake

We improved the path between Ryton and Wolston near the sewage works, mainly a task of more drastic trimming of the hedge beside & above the path.

Then on 19 May another work party improved the path from Fryth Close to Kenilworth Golf course. With this task we did even more drastic trimming of the undergrowth and dug away the sides of the path to widen the width in places from a fraction of a metre to a full 2 metres, and improved draining and surface just using materials found on site. Both work parties made excellent use of the new battery-powered hedge trimmer.

The morning of 19 May was sunny but wintry, with cloud increasing & rain forecast for Noon. Good planning got all tasks completed by before Noon. Four of us got to the Cottage in Kenilworth and enjoyed a good lunch, and the rain came and went while we were in the pub.