Last updated March 5, 2020

Work Party News

17 June 2015

We cleared a stretch of blocked path on CW16 leaving Bennetts Road North (GR 314 853).

A few views of the blocked path from start and every few metres along the fence


Team 1 making rapid progress

This path was reported as completely blocked, and at first sight looked jut that! The hedge on the left had grown to reach the fence on the right with any spaces remaining filled with nettles.

Attacking first with our battery powered hedge trimmer, followed by loppers &/or shears, then saws we soon made a path adequate to get access to complete the task.

A second team started at the far end (reached by an unofficial bypass behind the hedge) to meet the first team. Then both teams tidied up & achieved a good path over the full length of the fence.

The hedge cutter worked superbly, used almost continually in use for most of the 2.5 hrs. it took. Two batteries just about finished the main planned task, but the third battery was needed for the last 10 minutes. I then took over again and used a bit more of the 3rd battery to clear all the nettles etc on either side of the path through the spinney.

Suggestions were we should buy another hedge cutter and one more battery to ensure we can deal with other big tasks we felt were coming.

All tasks were completed by by about Noon. Some of us went back to the Hare & Hounds and enjoyed a good lunch.

Simon (CCC) went back later to use their long reach hedge trimmer to deal with the hedge above 7 foot or so, leaving it ready for the farmer to trim the other side of the hedge without spoiling the path.