Last updated February 28, 2020

Work Party News

17 February 2016

We replaced 1 stile on on Hob Lane with a kissing gate, added 3 new Way Mark Posts and tidied a few other WMPs (for example the reused rotten post from the left side of the old stile becoming the WMP bolted to the right side of the new kissing gate, and one leaning WMP nearly falling into a ditch). All sites are on Circular Walk 3 SW segment.

The new kissing gate completed


Phill had arrived with all the materials we needed delivering the new WMP close to the sites and the kissing gate to the site on Hob Lane. (Phill stayed until we started demolishing the stile – this was so he could recover the “synthetic wood” step for reuse on another stile, and continue monitoring that such expensive material is well worth it because it “lasts for ever”).

The kissing gate installation went smoothly in spite of too many people knowing how to do it quicker, and the job was finished by 11:30.

A smaller group of 3 or 4 drove round to Black Hales Farm to add the 3 new WMP between there and Moat Farm. All went well, and the team was back before the kissing gate was declared finished.

Good use was made of the yellow warm, waterproof jackets supplied by SMBC. The forecast was wet, and so was the weather, but we had finished before if got even wetter.

Afterwards 6 of us went to the The Bear at Berkswell for lunch.