Last updated February 28, 2020

Work Party News

27 May 2016

On 18 May a work party replaced stile with a kissing gate on CW03 near Moat Farm, Hob Lane and repaired the handrail to the s/b between Hob Lane and the new kissing gate.

The stile & s/b before
The kissing gate & handrail completed


Because of the lack of parking space our seven volunteers shared three cars to arrive at this work site.

Three of us took out the old stile and replaced it with a kissing gate while the other four salvaged parts from the original bridge handrail which had been demolished a few weeks earlier by a speeding car, and rebuilt it.

The heavy rain showers that had been forecast did not materialise and we were able to complete the task by mid day without getting wet. We then all drove over to The Bear at Berkswell for lunch.

On 27 May another work party of 2 created a dry path on Walk 1 east of Benton Green Lane, a stretch which is often muddy.


Now dry paths on Walk 1 east of Benton Green Lane