Last updated February 27, 2020

Work Party News

17 August 2016

We did more clearance work on CW 3. The main task was to finish off the new route over the old football fields. We also created three more gullies.


The new definitive route viewed from approach to Gap 2
left – from a distance with zoom view & right – from closer, showing the well cleared hedge

Looking West through Gap 2, with the Waymark clearly visible

We did more clearance work on CW 3, from leaving Cromwell Lane to the new kissing gate installed by KFPG. The main task was the completion of the new definitive route over the old football fields.

The main activities were strimming completion and removing most of the rough tufts of grass, resulting in a very much improved path to walk on.

We dug three more gullies to drain part of the short but very muddy stretch through the Juniper tunnel into the ditch to the east, using the soil dug up to add to the path level to try to ensure good drainage.

We were unable to dig sufficiently to achieve the path surface raised enough because digging was hard. When the ground is a bit softer, we will widen the gullies so they last longer, and use the spoils to raise the path a bit higher. Longer term it may be best to add a stone surface.

We only had 4 volunteers to work on this day, one of whom had started work by 9:15 am. We also had one more who delivered the Fist Aid kit – I put this in my rucksack, having meant to put my camera on top, but left it in the car. Thus the photos were all on a separate trip on 20-Aug!

Another day when the morning weather was good, and by noon it was much too hot. We finished by noon and two of us tried the Scottish beer at the Hickory’s Smokehouse, with the 3rd having a pot of “Breakfast Tea” – but all felt too hot for food again.