Last updated February 7, 2020

Work Party News

21 June 2017
A work party further improved the path leaving Hodgett’s Lane (GR 263 768) to slope down to Greenway, just before the bridge over Greenway – part of Walks 3/3A.

The muddy parts beyond the culvert were addressed by improving the ditch to NW side, and improving the main path.

1. Area of work


2. View of second half
3. Near the end (see field gate)

Starting at deepest part of ditch, all nettles, brambles, etc. were cleared then the ditch was dug deeper, the soil then barrowed to the central part of path. See photo above.

We walked to far end of this section, and concluded the rest of the path was about the same length and could be dealt with by the same process, with only a few places where slightly deeper digging would be needed (partly because some was done by the team of 2 on 17 May).

See photo 2 for about half way along that section.

Outline Actions to complete:

A. Complete the other half as 21 June 2017.
B. Dig a gutter to right hand edge of path, using dug out soil to raise the path centre as still needed.
C. Check levels to ensure drainage should be adequate, adjusting the soil as needed.
D. Obtain many tons of stones to further ensure good dry centre part of path is created.

Our team for the day was just six and the weather was getting hotter. John Green came with cold drinks which was a very welcome break. All soon pressed on to make good progress, but the rising temperature led to us declaring completion for the day at about 12:30pm. Just three of us went to “The Bear” for lunch inside the air conditioned bar.