Last updated February 7, 2020

Work Party News

20 September 2017

A work party cleared more of the ditch and built up more of the path leaving Hodgett’s Lane heading towards the Greenway.


Before after views looking up the ditch to the end

We got the remaining part of the ditch cleared and deepened, and some soil from the ditch was used to raise the centre of path to be higher than level water in a “full” ditch. Our team of 6 achieved about what we expected, and we finished at ca.13:00.

At one point (about 50 yds. from the k/g) the ditch has a large tree next to the path side of the ditch, with roots making it impractical to make the ditch deeper. On a return visit on 27-Sep-2017 Peter Page & Bernard measured the slope down to the tree and believe it is just about sufficient to get adequate flow.

Before thinking about refining the level of the path and construction of the path gutter, we must take more measurements and photos. We plan to have a small “planning WP” to measure key heights and devise a plan for the next WP at this site.

We will certainly need another WP (maybe two) to move a lot of soil from the ditch (depth &/or width in places) to raise the level of the path where needed, and in some places more clearing of the vegetation.