Last updated December 29, 2019

Work Party News

21 February 2018
On 14 and 21 February, work parties improved the path leaving Hodgett’s Lane to slope down to Greenway – again the muddy parts beyond the culvert.

Phill cheers the “Stone Work” start

Over the path, we added a “garden weed fabric” to give strength and covering the central metre with stones using the first 8 loads of tons of stone for surface.

ACWA team start moving the first 4 tons of stone


Moving wheel barrows was the hardest task, but plenty volunteered to do so for 3 or four hours! The less fit of us just did the raking! A few did loading the barrows, and some spent some of the time doing the digging of the the drainage channel to the NE side of the stoned path.

An empty barrow back for another load


We should be able to make the whole area adequate for the Challenge and a few more months. Another WP during the Summer can deal with improving the ditch a bit more, and using a ton or two
stones to improve any parts needing patching or raising the centre of the path, and any other areas needing desirable little


No WP was had for January 2018.
The next WP will be on Wednesday 21st March 2018.
Details will be as below:

Wednesday 21st March 2018 at 9:30 am to about 1:00 pm

Location: Hodgett’s Lane (GR 263 768) to slope down to Greenway just before bridge over Greenway – Part of Walks 3 / 3A.

Park at: Hodgett’s Lane (a few spaces near to GR 263 768 and a few more further along Hodgett’s Lane ca.100 metres near to the NW where Walk 3A goes NE via a k/g)

Meet at: as above

Task(s): Finish to adequate state the remaining stretch by adding 4 more tons of stones to both raise the level and surface over the 25 metre leg.
see Map for details
The remaining 2018 dates (assuming 3rd Wed every month as agreed at the AGM 2018) will probably be:

  • 21-Mar-2018
  • 18-Apr-2018
  • 16-May-2018
  • 20-Jun-2018
  • 18-Jul-2018
  • 15-Aug-2018
  • 19-Sep-2018
  • 17-Oct-2018
  • 21-Nov-2018