Last updated October 5, 2020

Work Party News

16 January 2020

The vital post has rotted away.

A group of four of us went along to “The Laurels” on the Fillongley Road yesterday to re install the double gates.  This is a point on “A Coventry Way” where the public right of way actually goes  through the back garden of “The Laurels” which of course is a private residence.  Then, out through the front garden, through these gates to reach the Fillongley Road, about four miles from the finish of the Challenge.

One of the gate posts had rotted in the ground and so the gate had collapsed into the drive.  The owner of the house is well into his 80’s and is no longer capable of making the repair himself, and so the Association decided we should make the repair ourselves as a good will gesture.



It took the four of us close on four hours to complete the work, but we left feeling that a good job had been done. Hopefully entrants to the Challenge in April will recognise the site after walking 36 miles.